What is a Nebulizer Machine And How to Purchase The Best One?

One of those things that Every asthma patient understands and knows is that occasionally breathing does not come easy. Aside from meds, there are a couple of things that could help in breathing properly. One such issue is; nebulizer breathing treatment. For people with severe asthma or are children who cannot use MDIs, a nebulizer can be quite effective. These nebulizers are a machine that turns the medicine into the mist so the patient can inhale the mist directly. These machines come in varying sizes, but are mostly mobile. They are either battery powered or are electrical versions.

best portable nebulizer machines

Working Of a nebulizer

Nebulizers are used in Both preventing attacks and for treating an attack. This machine may be used for both rescue and upkeep. Doctors often tell which medications are required and what concentration they should be added to the nebulizer container.

The main working of the nebulizer is based on the air compressor. The compressor turns the liquid medication stored in the little container to the mist. The tube then delivers the mist to the nose mask, which is inhaled. The mist is not difficult to inhale instead of using an inhaler. As the air tracts become contracted through asthma, inhaling and taking deeper breaths become difficult. But the mist is a lot easier to inhale, and the medication is delivered properly.

Types of nebulizers

There are varying Kinds of nebulizers that you should take under account while going to purchase a machine. These machines are divided into varying classes:

Dependent on the size and style of nebulizers:

  1. Tabletop nebulizers: these best portable nebulizer machines are larger and need a table or sturdy surface to be stored on. These are good for babies and children because of their stationary style. Furthermore, they are less expensive than the handheld versions.
  1. Handheld nebulizers: these are smaller and provide more freedom while in usage. They work with batteries or automobile adaptors. They are also more expensive when compared with the tabletop versions.

Based on the working mechanism:

  1. Aerosol nebulizers: those use a piston air compressor to supply the air throughout the medication. This divides the liquid into the mist. However, these machines can be noisy.
  1. Ultrasonic nebulizers: those nebulizers use high-frequency waves of sound to turn liquid medication into a mist. There are highly effective and less noisy.

Buying nebulizers

Things that one should Remember while deciding on a nebulizer are:

  • Utilization: you should be clear about what they are using the nebulizer for. An individual can choose the doctors’ suggestion to learn better.
  • Storage: pick where the nebulizer will be saved and retained, as the nebulizers tend to differ in size.
  • Effectiveness: several nebulizers are for asthma, and some are for other breathing disorders. It is much better to have clarification on it before purchasing it.